This is me


Campbell Wilson, Bike Mechanic

I’m a qualified, experienced and highly recommended bike mechanic.

I've been working on bikes, riding and racing bikes for the majority of my life. My first job was in the original Petone, Jackson Street, bike shop, Bluebird Cycles back in the mid 90's. I grew up in Wellington and the Netherlands where bikes outnumber people. Cycled is one of my happy places where I get to release my creative juices with my own micro business, continue to meet more fellow bikers and provide personal quality workmanship for my customers.

I’ve learnt after having a small commercial premise for a short period, that working alone trapped in full retail hours is not for me. To ensure I provide my clients with expert advice, honesty and quality workmanship I only work on a few bikes per week from my fully kitted out professional cycle workshop.
I also have a full time position that provides me with everything else I professionally need.
My set up is slightly inconvenient for some and loved by others.

I look forward to being of service, happy trails :)

Kia Kaha