You’ll see Cam out on his bikes whenever he get’s the opportunity, often followed closely by his daughter and Blue Heeler, Misty. Commuting to work, bike day at school, smashing laps around Wainui MTB Park or family rides around the Kapiti bike trails. We share your passion for getting out on two wheels.


A highly professional mechanic passionate about servicing all types and styles bicycles. Often referred to as “Cam the bike mechanic” or recommended as “Cam’s bike servicing”, he has 20+ years experience in the bike industry. He has completed several Shimano cycle technician training certification courses in NZ and completed Sram Technical University in Colorado Springs.

He has been working on bikes, riding and racing bikes for the majority of his life.
His first job was in the original Petone, Jackson Street, bike shop, Bluebird Cycles back in the mid 90's where he helped maintain the 200+ NZPost bikes. This was also the exciting time when suspension, disc brakes and carbon all started hitting the bike scene.

Growing up in Wellington and the Netherlands where bikes outnumber people.
Made up of a fair bit of Kiwi, abit of Ngai Tahu and a recent Scottish finding thanks to his Dad and Ancestry. He is looking forward to a special pedal around Stirling, Scotland next year where his great-great-grandfather is from.

Cycled is Cam’s side hustle working on a few bikes per week. He’s a successful professional by day, working as a Key Account Manager. Cycled is one of his other happy places where he gets to release his creative juices while continuing to meet more fellow bikers and provide personal quality workmanship for his customers.