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Petone, Lower Hutt


Bike servicing studio, Petone. We service all models and types of bikes. Same day suspension servicing.

Rear Suspension Servicing

Rear Suspension Swing Arm Servicing

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Shock Hardware

The first point of contact between the shock and rear suspension linkage.
Your rear shock eyelet hardware should always provide a snug fit between your shock and bike frame. When excessive play develops, this condition can lead to costly damage to your shock eyelets if not serviced appropriately. Preventative maintenenace of the eyelet hardware can help prevent damage to your shock.


Specific Suspension Bearings

Enduro MAX Full Complement sealed bearings specifically designed for suspension pivots. MAX bearings take 35-40% more load capacity than standard radial bearings. Full Complement (FC) bearings are designed for use in the short rotations & high loads of suspension pivots.
Where a normal sealed bearing contains bearings with space between them and a cage to hold them apart, a FC bearing is packed completely full of balls. This gives greater contact area and makes these bearings last longer than standard caged bearings in suspension pivots.


Professional Tools

Using the professional tools is essential for quality servicing and repair of today's highly advanced bicycles. We proudly use Wheels Manufacturing bearing presses. Machined aluminum handles with brass inserts in the tool faces allow each handle to turn freely when pressing in bearings. Absolutely beautiful made tools and a dream to use.