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Petone, Lower Hutt


Bike servicing studio, Petone. We service all models and types of bikes. Same day suspension servicing.


Peaty's Loam Foam 5 Litre

Peaty's Loam Foam 5 Litre
Peaty's Loam Foam 5 Litre

Peaty's Loam Foam 5 Litre


Peaty's Loam Foam
5 Litre Refill Tub
Designed specifically for use on high-tech bikes and components

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Born from the professional World Cup Mountain biking circuit and designed specifically for use on high-tech bikes and their components. Peaty's Loam Foam is a professional grade, biodegradable cleaner that is tough on dirt yet safe to use on all bike surfaces including carbon, brake pads and disks.

Loam Foam's unique cleaning formulation is blended with organic gelling agents, allowing the active cleaning compounds to cling to your bike for longer. The result is a shiny clean steed with minimal effort.

Simply apply Peaty's Loam Foam liberally to dirty surfaces, wait for 3 - 5 minutes and blast off with clean water. Stubborn dried-on dirt may need to be persuaded with a soft bristled brush then rinsed off with cold water.

Peaty's 5Ltr Refill Tub

So you have used up your one litre bottle of Loam Foam? Never fear, the five litre refill tub is available to fill it back up again. The refill tub gets you more bang for your buck and saves you a few beer tokens too. No brainer really!